Tugende VIP is a "premium brand" of boda bodas
    Tugende VIP is a "premium brand" of Tugende-branded drivers. These VIP Drivers can be easily identified as reliable and trustworthy, and are trained to consistently provide superior customer service.
    What is Tugende?
    Tugende is a for-profit social enterprise in Uganda that helps motorcycle taxi (boda boda) drivers own their own motorcycles in 18 months or less instead of renting indefinitely. Ownership significantly increases income, job security and road safety. Check out Tugende's main website to learn more!


    Tugende VIP Drivers stand out from the crowd, not only with their clean eye-catching look, but with their pleasant and professional customer service and careful selection by Tugende and its 4+ years of working to empower responsible boda boda drivers.
    Tugende VIP Drivers...
      • Are experienced and carefully selected: Tugende VIP Drivers are carefully screened first to become Tugende lease-to-own clients and then go through another selection and training process to earn their status as a VIP Driver."
      • Offer helmets: All VIP Drivers ride with smart, clean helmets for their valued clients.
      • Provide the best customer service: VIP drivers participate in extensive customer service training before joining Tugende and again before joining Tugende VIP.
      • Are held accountable: You can give feedback at any time for any reason by calling our friendly Tugende VIP Hotline at 0759 843 633 or emailing tugendevip@tugendedriven.com.
      • Are easy to find: VIP Drivers' stand out in a crowd with their swag, making them easier for potential passengers to spot.
      • Drive mindfully: VIP Drivers own their own motorcycles or are on their way to ownership, so they value keeping you and their bikes in good condition.


    Create an improved boda boda experience for passengers and empower drivers to become financially independent through their own work


    We want to help passengers quickly and easily pick high-grade drivers out of a crowd and enjoy a customer-focused, stress-free ride that can become the basis of a long-term driving relationship with a professional, reliable driver.


    We hope the superior customer experience Tugende VIP drivers offer will drive more and higher quality business to these drivers and enable them to further their financial goals.


    Zoom in on the map to find a driver near you


    You deserve a driver who excels in customer service and is always reliable and friendly
    Find a driver to meet your needs below or download this Driver Directory
    Note: All drivers are fluent in Luganda


    Bulenga ||| KIP and J ||| Lule Charles ||| 0782 112 459 ||| Good

    Central ||| Fish Factory, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Rd ||| Mohamed Ali ||| 0701 855 939 ||| Good

    Central ||| Fontanna Auto Parts, 7th Street ||| Wamala Edward ||| 0787 333 844 ||| Good

    Central ||| Green Valley, Kamwokya ||| Baliyo Innocent ||| 0753 133 500 ||| Good

    Central ||| Kisementi, Acacia Mall ||| Higiro Peter ||| 0782 444 252 ||| Good

    Central ||| Lands, Yusuf Lule Road ||| Assiimwe Celestine ||| 0772 033 639 ||| Good

    Central ||| M.T.N Towers ||| Sunday Emmanuel ||| 0772 977 815 ||| OK

    Central ||| Muzaana Stage, Kisenyi ||| Lwanga Yunus ||| 0774 423 571 ||| Minimal

    Central ||| Namiirembe Rd ||| Bainomugisha Lauben ||| 0782 541 200 ||| Minimal

    Central ||| Nankulabye Nick Stage ||| Musinguzi Luke ||| 0705 866 000 ||| Minimal

    Central ||| Public Service, Wandegeya ||| Sserwanga Charles ||| 0772 820 506 ||| Good

    Central ||| Sasa, Kamwokya ||| Sebufu George ||| 0753 080 429 ||| Minimal

    Central ||| Sasa, Kamwokya ||| Ariyo Jonan ||| 0774 306 885 ||| OK

    Central ||| Scroll-In, 8 Street ||| Akadwanaho Sunabu ||| 0773 298 672 ||| OK

    Gayaza ||| Shell Stage ||| Mutesasira Timothy ||| 0783 048 655 ||| Minimal

    Kawempe ||| LDC Makerere ||| Mwebesa Francis ||| 0782 272 911 ||| Minimal

    Kawempe ||| Nsoba Northern Bypass ||| Ziraba Lawrence ||| 0773 650 009 ||| Minimal

    Makindye ||| Clock Tower, Gaba Road ||| Kisira Robert ||| 0774 498 972 ||| OK

    Makindye ||| Kabalagala City Rivers Stage ||| Kalema Abasi ||| 0772 855 661 ||| OK 

    Makindye ||| Kisugu Market, Namuwongo ||| Ssali Yasin ||| 0774 303 609 ||| Minimal

    Makindye ||| Konge Water Pump ||| Salasamba Henry ||| 0772 390 453 ||| OK

    Makindye ||| Soya Stage ||| Sserunkuma Tonny ||| 0784 322 467 ||| Minimal

    Kawempe ||| Tuula Church of Uganda ||| Nyombe George ||| 0703 939 446 ||| Good

    Kira Town Council ||| Ssembuza Rd; Buwate ||| Kitaaka Georfry ||| 0700 153 033 ||| Good

    Nakawa ||| Bavana Stage, Naalya ||| Monday Yiga Robert ||| 0754 554 244 ||| OK

    Nakawa ||| Bukoto Special Hire ||| Wasswa Godfrey ||| 0702 436 183 ||| Minimal

    Nakawa ||| Busibante 2 Stage, Najjera ||| Baka Gonzaga ||| 0752 225 532 ||| Good

    Nakawa ||| Container Stage Kiwatule ||| Kibirango Livingstone ||| 0773 068 992 ||| Good

    Nakawa ||| Corner, Naalya Rd ||| Ahebwa Moses ||| 0772 565 546 ||| Minimal

    Nakawa ||| Corner Stage, Naalya Road ||| Turyamureba Benson ||| 0752 313 962 ||| Minimal

    Nakawa ||| Kafene Stage, Kiwatule Road ||| Twesigye Pius ||| 0781 894 042 ||| Good

    Nakawa ||| Kembabazi Restaurant, Naguru ||| Ssempija Twaha ||| 0773 031 124 ||| OK

    Nakawa ||| Kinawataka Police Stage ||| Alumai Vasco ||| 0752 404 807 ||| Good

    Nakawa ||| Muvule ||| Nuwagaba Moses ||| 0781 032 520 ||| Minimal

    Nakawa ||| Muvule Stage Kiwatule ||| Ayebare Amon ||| 0784 979 997 ||| Minimal

    Nakawa ||| Muvule Stage Kiwatule ||| Turyamuhebwa Vereriano ||| 0772 552 043 ||| Minimal

    Nakawa ||| Nyanya Stage, Nakawa ||| Kyambadde Shafic ||| 0752 733 661 ||| Minimal

    Nakawa ||| Semwogerere ||| Nabende Alex ||| 0753 486 711 ||| Good

    Nakawa ||| Sizzlers Stage, Bukoto - Kisasi Road ||| Kirunda Brian ||| 0789 896 111 ||| OK

    Nakawa ||| Unicarol Stage, Kololo ||| Gumisiriza David ||| 0701 227 143 ||| Good 

    Rubaga ||| Namugoona-Kigobe ||| Ssemanda Charles ||| 0752 161 840 ||| Good

    Rubaga ||| Ndejje University ||| Kamukama Nelson ||| 0753 947 216 ||| Good

    Rubaga ||| Ndejje University, Mengo ||| Kizito Asuman ||| 0758 041 566 ||| Minimal

    Wakiso ||| Kasasilo Stage Kawanda ||| Golooba Charles ||| 0789 702 782 ||| Good

    Wakiso ||| Rubigi Bimmuri Stage Hoima RD ||| Ssemwogerere Sadru ||| 0750 950 300 ||| Minimal





    Get to know some of our outstanding Tugende VIP Drivers and why they're excited about this new program


    Fontana Auto Parts Stage, 7th St

    0787 333 844

    Edward joined Tugende VIP to get his drivers permit and be ahead of the pack. He's eager to own his bike thanks to Tugende. With the extra money he will save, Edward will buy more assets for his business.
    Assimwe Celestine

    Lands Stage, Yusuf Lule Road

    0772 033 639

    Celestine already sees that the Tugende VIP trainings have made him better organized and smarter at running his boda business. He is also happy to join other top boda performers and belong to a new VIP family.
    Wasswa Godfrey

    Special Hire, Bukoto

    0702 436 183


    Godfrey looks forward to stand out from other drivers with his VIP Driver swag. He hopes it will help him get more customers and more money.

    Gumisiriza David

    Unicarol Stage, Kololo

    0701 227 143


    David is excited to be a VIP Driver to get more repeat business and learn to provide better customer service to his clients.

    Francis Mwebesa

    LDC Makarere, Kawempe


    0782 272 911


    Francis joined Tugende VIP to get help obtaining his drivers permit. He's excited to own his bike thanks to Tugende, so that he can invest mroe money in expanding his retail shop.


    How we empower Tugende's best clients to become Tugende VIP drivers

    Special invitation

    Tugende personally selects and invites its best, most responsible clients to apply to become Tugende VIP drivers

    Orientation and training

    Tugende engages applicants in a series of trainings to prepare them for the superior quality of customer care that forms the bedrock of its Tugende VIP service.


    Tugende interviews applicants who pass its training courses in order to ensure that they understand and are able to provide the highest level of customer service to their passengers.

    Becoming a Tugende VIP Driver

    Vetted and approved drivers are welcomed into the program with a safety vest, passenger helmet, driver helmet... and other fun branded gear so they stand out in a crowd for passengers to better spot them and identify them as Tugende VIP Drivers.
    Drivers are also given business cards to facilitate forming long-term business relationships with repeat clients.

    Superior Customer Service

    You can count on Tugende VIP Drivers to provide the highest level of customer service. Reliable, knowledgeable and friendly, Tugende VIP Drivers are best in class.

    Scroll down for answers to these questions...
    How do I find a Tugende VIP driver?
    How can I be sure a driver is really a Tugende VIP Driver?
    Why is Tugende VIP better for passengers?
    Why is Tugende VIP better for drivers?
    Aren't VIP Drivers more expensive?
    How can I become a VIP Driver?
    How do I recommend a driver for Tugende VIP?
    How can I follow up on a good or bad experience with a VIP Driver?
    Does Tugende make money off this?
    How does owning a motorcycle taxi improve a driver's quality of life?
    Why can’t motorcycle taxi drivers buy vehicles themselves?
    Why do they need Tugende?
    How does Tugende solve this problem?

    How do I find a Tugende VIP driver?

    • Call: Check out our driver directory to find a driver near you. Then just give them a call or save them in your phone for future use.
    • On the street: If you see a driver wearing our branded Tugende gear, just flag them down at their stage or on the road and they'll be pleased to drive you.

    How can I be sure a driver is really a Tugende VIP Driver?

    All VIP Drivers wear fully-branded VIP gear whenever they're on the road. This gear includes:
    • A bright pink reflector vest with Tugende VIP branding
    • A Tugende VIP Driver ID card
    • A black helmet with white VIP Driver writing
    • A black seat cover emblazoned with "TUGENDE VIP"
    If you want to double check or report a driver you think is falsely claiming to be part of Tugende VIP, please call our Tugende VIP Hotline at 0759 843 633 or email tugendevip@tugendedriven.com.

    Why is Tugende VIP better for passengers?

    • Experienced and carefully selected: Tugende VIP Drivers are vetted first to become Tugende clients and then again to be promoted to VIP Drivers.
    • Helmets: All VIP Drivers ride with smart, clean helmets for their valued clients.
    • Best customer service: VIP drivers participate in extensive customer service training before accepted into Tugende and again before joining Tugende VIP.
    • Accountability: You can give feedback at any time for any reason by calling our friendly Tugende VIP Hotline at 0759 843 633 or emailing us at tugendevip@tugendedriven.com.
    • Easy to find: VIP Drivers stand out in a crowd with their swag, making them easier for potential passengers to spot.
    • Mindful: VIP Drivers own or are trying to own their bikes, so they value keeping you and their bikes in good condition.

    Why is Tugende VIP better for drivers?

    • More business: VIP Drivers provide the best service, so passengers keep coming back to them. Passengers pick VIP Drivers over other drivers because they know Tugende-vetted drivers can always be counted on.
    • Special gear: Tugende VIP provides its VIP Drivers with smart, branded gear including helmets for drivers and passengers, reflector vests for safety and visibility, bike stickers to stand out in a crowd, ID cards, and business cards to stay in touch with repeat clients.
    • Tugende VIP Hotline: If anything comes up, VIP Drivers can easily and quickly get help from Tugende's experience driver support representatives by calling our Tugende VIP Hotline at 0759 843 633.
    • VIP community: VIP Drivers help each other.

    Aren't VIP Drivers more expensive?



    VIP drivers are good businesspeople. They know that providing VIP customer service, including a fair price, will ultimately get them more rides per day, more regular customers and therefore more money.


    It's a win-win.

    How can I become a VIP Driver?

    Interested in becoming a Tugende VIP Driver? Great!
    First, make sure you meet the requirements:
    • Current or past Tugende client
    • In good standing with Tugende (paying on time, no disciplinary action, good general behavior...)
    • Motorcycle in good condition (This vehicle will be liable for inspection by Tugende during vetting and on a regular basis if you become a Tugende VIP Driver)
    • Possess your drivers permit or be enrolled in a driving permit program - Tugende can help you finance this at 0% interest
    • At least 18 years old
    • Attend a Tugende VIP orientation program, followed by customer service training.
    • Pass an interview with Tugende VIP staff
    • Receive your branded gear

    How do I recommend a driver for Tugende VIP?

    How can I follow up on a good or bad experience with a VIP Driver?

    Tugende VIP wants to hear any and all feedback from its VIP Clients. If you have a problem or want to share how great your VIP experience was, please give us a call on our friendly Tugende VIP Hotline at 0759 843 633 or email us at tugendevip@tugendedriven.com.
    Tugende VIP Clients should expect a lot from their VIP Drivers. If you are not fully satisfied, reach out to us so we can resolve your issue and improve our service going forward.

    Does Tugende make money off this?

    No. Tugende VIP is a free platform for passengers to connect with great drivers. 
    We hope VIP drivers still on their way to ownership through Tugende will get more business and pay off their bike faster, but we do not require any particular use of earnings. 

    In the long term, future revenue streams like adverts and driver membership fees may help guarantee high standards, but there will be no charge for passengers, and VIP Drivers will share in any extra income from things like partnerships and adverts, further helping them move up in life.

    Why can’t motorcycle taxi drivers buy vehicles themselves? Why do they need Tugende?

    Most motorcycle taxi drivers face what we call the “rental poverty trap” that keeps them from rising the economic ladder. There is a huge demand to own. In fact, 70% of drivers in Kampala currently rent from a landlord and want to own, or own an old bike and need financing to upgrade to a better or newer bike.

    Unfortunately, most drivers cannot obtain traditional financing. Traditional banks consider both motorcycles and young men poor lending risks, while the few microfinance banks that will lend a motorcycle or the $1,300 equivalent have requirements that are unattainable for the vast majority of drivers.

    This situation leaves drivers renting indefinitely with no clear path upward. Constant rental payments leave little left over for savings or investments. Renting from fickle landlords, who can demand motorcycles back at any time, causes job and income instability for even the most responsible driver.

    How does Tugende solve this problem?

    Tugende offers an affordable, transparent lease-to-own model that enables drivers to own their own motorcycles in 18 months or less.
    See www.tugendedriven.com for more information about how Tugende works and improves the lives of boda bodas throughout Uganda.

    Love what we're doing?  Think you can help?  Here are a few ways you can get involved. 
    Donate.  Every week new drivers stream into our office excited for the opportunity to become their own boss. Tugende is growing quickly, but our waiting list is growing faster. Every donation shortens the time it takes us to get a quality driver his own motorcycle and on the path to stability and higher income. Any amount helps, and if you leave your contact information, we'll send you details about the driver whose motorcycle you helped buy. For larger amounts, and options like sponsoring an entire motorcycle, contact us directly at info@tugendedriven.com
    Apply Your Skills.  Coming to Kampala for a while, or want to help out remotely? Tugende currently needs high-skilled assistance in all kinds of things including accounting and finance, web design, improving our social impact tracking, and planning how to reach tens of thousands of customers in the near future. If any of this gets you excited, especially in combination with motorcycle taxis and economic empowerment, let us know!
    Recommend a Driver.  Live or (have lived) in Uganda and know a great boda boda driver? Put us in touch by sending a note through the contact form! We are currently focusing on expansion in Kampala but happy to hear about great people in any part of the country to keep on our list as we grow.

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    Find Us. 
    HQ Office
    Plot 573 Kezilone Road
    Left off Bukoto-Kisasi Road near Pakalast Pub
    Bukoto Market Area
    Kampala, Uganda
    Find us on Google Maps here
    Tugende VIP: +256 759 843 633
    Tugende: +256 775 097 420
    Our office hours, when applicants new to Tugende should first visit, are 1pm-4pm on Wednesdays. (Orientation starts at 2pm sharp on Wednesdays.)

    Drop us a line to recommend a driver --
    or to get in touch with anything else on your mind.

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